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  • PEI - Keynote interview on Responsible Investment
    PEI - Keynote Interview with Dushy Sivanity on Responsible Investment.

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  • There are two simple ways of constructing a private equity fund of funds portfolio: topdown,
    which is driven by strategy, or bottom-up, which is driven by fund manager selection.
    Pantheon’s investment approach tends to be bottom-up, with emphasis on rigorous
    due diligence in fund manager selection. However, we include a top-down overlay in
    designing our overall investment strategy, particularly with respect to risk aspects.

    Why should a pension plan investor include private equity in their portfolios? To paraphrase a famous US presidential campaign theme, "It's the Alpha, Stupid!". High quality private equity managers have proven for over 30 years that they can generate excess returns on a risk adjusted basis. This short, insightful piece takes a look at how private equity managers generate alpha and how to pick the best managers.

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Key Facts
> US$30.5 billion in assets
    under management*

> 29 Partners**
> 74 Investment Professionals**
> 198 Staff**
  * As at 31st Mar 2014 
** As at 1st Aug 2014



Conferences and Events

EuroMoney Seminars - 8th Annual Leveraged Finance Conference
11th September 2014
London, UK
Francesco Di Valmarana, Partner