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  • Private Equity News - Top 25 Most Influential Investors in Europe
    Private Equity News' seventh annual ranking of the largest and most influential LPs in Europe.

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  • There are two simple ways of constructing a private equity fund of funds portfolio: topdown,
    which is driven by strategy, or bottom-up, which is driven by fund manager selection.
    Pantheon’s investment approach tends to be bottom-up, with emphasis on rigorous
    due diligence in fund manager selection. However, we include a top-down overlay in
    designing our overall investment strategy, particularly with respect to risk aspects.

    The resurgence of U.S manufacturing has become the focus of much analysis since the U.S economy has emerged from the Great Recession. This is an expansive topic which we felt warranted an in-depth study and InFocus paper.

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Key Facts
> US$30.5 billion* in assets
    under management**

> 29 Partners***
> 74 Investment Professionals
> 198 Staff***
* This figure includes assets subject to discretionary or non-discretionary management, advice or those limited to a reporting function.
** As at 31st Mar 2014
***As at 1st Aug 2014



Conferences and Events

Private Debt Investor: Capital Structure Forum 2014
28th October 2014
London, UK
Toni Vaino, Vice President