Primary Investment
Pantheon has been investing in private equity funds on behalf of institutional investors since 1983 and has primary assets under management of over US$22.5 billion (as at 31st December 2014)*.

We provide investment management services to institutional investors focusing on funds investing in the US, Europe and Asia. Our primary investment programme provides incremental diversification through a multi-strategy approach which combines exposure to primaries, secondaries and co-investments

Our people
Our regional primary investment teams combine more than 35 professionals based in London, San Francisco and Hong Kong. The teams collectively have over 300 years experience in private equity and nearly 200 years at Pantheon, as demonstrated in their biographies

Our strategy

We aim to create a portfolio of high quality private equity funds with an appropriate level to diversification to minimise risk. We diversify by:

> Stage
This includes: early or late-stage venture capital; small buyouts; mid-sized buyouts; large buyouts; mega buyouts and special situations (including distressed debt, restructuring and mezzanine funds). Each of these stages has different return characteristics and we believe it is important for investors to have exposure across the board.

> Manager

Pantheon spreads capital across a number of carefully selected managers. Our portfolios include a balance of different management styles and investment strategies. In addition to a core portfolio of well established and successful managers, Pantheon commits a small percentage of capital to emerging managers with the potential to generate outstanding returns.

> Vintage year

Pantheon commits capital over a 3-4 year period and therefore spreads risk across market cycles. The funds in which we invest commit their capital over 3-6 years.

> Industry sector
Our portfolio companies operate in a diverse range of sectors including manufacturing, services, information technology, healthcare, energy, communications, consumer goods, and many others.

> Region
We identify and invest in multiple regions, with primary funds focused on the US, Europe and Asia. Our European and Asia funds are geographically diversified by country.

Information for fund managers 

This figure includes assets subject to discretionary or non-discretionary management, advice or those limited to a reporting function.
Key Facts
> US$30.8 billion* in assets
    under management**

> 29 Partners***
> 70 Investment Professionals
> 198 Staff***
* This figure includes assets subject to discretionary or non-discretionary management, advice or those limited to a reporting function.
** As at 31st Mar 2015
***As at 1st Sep 2015



Conferences and Events

Alt Assets LP:GP Infrastructure Summit 2015
8th October 2015
London, UK
Andrea Echberg, Partner