Since 1997, Pantheon has been co-investing alongside fund managers in portfolio companies that we judge to be especially attractive. Our co-investments currently span North America, Europe, China and Australia, encompassing sectors as diverse as media, healthcare, energy, education and industrial and professional services.

The breadth and depth of Pantheon’s General Partner (“GP”) relationships, developed over 27 years, provide a significant advantage for sourcing and evaluating co-investments.

Our people
We have an experienced team of co-investment professionals who have considerable experience in direct investments, as demonstrated in their biographies. The dedicated resources within the team ensure swift and thorough review and execution of investment opportunities, and close monitoring of investment performance. 

Our strategy
We focus our co-investment programme on buyout investments, and also have interest in growth equity and special situations. Geographically, our strategy is focused on the developed private equity markets of the US, Europe and Asia. We originate co-investment opportunities from GPs with whom we have a long-standing relationship or are well known to Pantheon.

We typically seek investment opportunities between US$10m and US$50m in cash-flow positive businesses with a strong market position and management team, and attractive return potential.  We also seek to invest alongside leading GPs with a proven track record of value creation and expertise in the sector. Our portfolio approach includes diversification across sector, geography, GP and vintage year.  We are flexible about working on both co-sponsored and syndicated co-investments.

Co-investments can provide a range of benefits to the private equity investor. Among other things, they offer advantageous economics, the potential for enhanced returns and a reduced J-curve.

Key Facts
> US$31.1 billion* in assets
    under management**

> 29 Partners***
> 72 Investment Professionals
> 197 Staff***
* This figure includes assets subject to discretionary or non-discretionary management, advice or those limited to a reporting function.
** As at 30th Sep 2014
***As at 1st Feb 2015



Conferences and Events

5th Swiss Private Equity Conference
10th April 2015
Zurich, Switzerland.
Francesco Di Valmarana, Partner