Secondary Vendors

A pioneer in the secondary market, Pantheon has provided tailored liquidity solutions to private equity investors since 1988. We take a strategic and global approach to the execution of secondary transactions. This includes;

> Interests in private equity funds;
> Portfolios of direct company assets; and
> Hybrid/mixed funds and direct portfolios.

Among the factors which make Pantheon an attractive counterparty in the secondary market are:

Access and coverage
Pantheon offers a quicker time to completion and a lower likelihood of a failed transaction. Often we have invested in a significant proportion of the funds and managers within a potential secondary portfolio and are therefore able to price transactions efficiently and knowledgably.

Innovative deal structures
Pantheon brings innovative transaction structures to the secondary market, including earn-outs, staged payments and alternative payment options. We have been a pioneer in acquiring other non-traditional secondary assets such as portfolios of direct company interests, corporate venture portfolios and hybrid portfolios.

Trusted counterparty
Respect for vendor and fund manager confidentiality is of critical importance. Pantheon has built a reputation with both vendors and fund managers as a discreet and trusted counterparty.

Expertise in transacting purchases
Pantheon’s demonstrated expertise in transferring interests quickly and seamlessly puts us in a preferential position with fund managers, vendors and intermediaries.

If you would like to talk with someone at Pantheon regarding selling private equity assets, please contact us.

Key Facts
> US$30.8 billion* in assets
    under management**

> 29 Partners***
> 70 Investment Professionals
> 198 Staff***
* This figure includes assets subject to discretionary or non-discretionary management, advice or those limited to a reporting function.
** As at 31st Mar 2015
***As at 1st Sep 2015



Conferences and Events

Alt Assets LP:GP Infrastructure Summit 2015
8th October 2015
London, UK
Andrea Echberg, Partner