Responsible Investment (“RI”)

Pantheon was one of the first private equity fund-of-funds manager to sign up to the Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”) in October 2007 and has been a frontrunner in promoting Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) considerations within the industry ever since.

We currently have an engagement programme which covers all the six main PRI principles, as illustrated below:



The Principles are integrated into Pantheon's investment analysis and decision-making process, as well as during post-investment monitoring where we seek to discuss RI issues in advisory board meetings. Our presence on over 230 advisory boards and our strong relationships with trade bodies means we are well placed to act as advocates for RI.

This is an evolutionary process and as RI gains traction within the wider private equity industry, we are keen to play our part in the future of this initiative. We are committed to making the spirit of the Principles work for all parties and believe that adoption of the PRI initiatives will ultimately benefit private equity investors and the industry as a whole.

Please click here to download the Pantheon Responsible Investment brochure.

Key Facts
> US$30.8 billion* in assets
    under management**

> 29 Partners***
> 70 Investment Professionals
> 198 Staff***
* This figure includes assets subject to discretionary or non-discretionary management, advice or those limited to a reporting function.
** As at 31st Mar 2015
***As at 1st Sep 2015



Conferences and Events

Alt Assets LP:GP Infrastructure Summit 2015
8th October 2015
London, UK
Andrea Echberg, Partner