Investment Philosophy

Pantheon's investment philosophy is that private equity has the potential to outperform other asset classes by fundamentally improving businesses. This philosophy is founded on a shared set of beliefs:

> Private equity ownership can improve businesses by a long-term approach, active ownership, close alignment of interests and good corporate governance.

> Maximising performance within private equity requires deep global experience, extensive research and vision, combined with appropriate risk management.

> Sustainable success for Pantheon depends on our relationships with our clients and fund managers, whom we regard as partners.

Our philosophy is founded on the conviction that attractive, risk-adjusted returns can be generated for investors over the long term by creating a diversified portfolio of high quality funds. Asset allocation, diversification and manager selection are applied to construct superior, risk-adjusted portfolios.

Key Facts
> US$30.5 billion in assets
    under management*

> 29 Partners**
> 74 Investment Professionals**
> 198 Staff**
  * As at 31st Mar 2014 
** As at 1st Aug 2014



Conferences and Events

Super Return Asia 2014
22nd September 2014
Hong Kong
Brian Lim, Partner & Jie Gong, Partner